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Our Mission

Our mission is about empowerment, encouragement and creating memorable experiences. Kids & Art teams up children touched by cancer, their siblings, parents and caregivers with local artists. 

We provide them a safe place to enjoy an empowering experience creating beautiful works of art that are auctioned off to raise money for cancer charities and to continue funding the Kids & Art program. 

New Program

Are you a dentist? Does your office send out recall cards? See what a San Mateo Dental Group did with their recall cards... more

Art by Amaey, age 7

Art by Amaey, age 7

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TapRaise is waiving all transaction fees for their beta launch, in appreciation of their early adopters. 100% of each donation given will be passed through to the associated recipient, until their beta period is over or they reach $10,000 in donations. So this is the best time to spread the word and donate to us. Every Dollar Counts!

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