Our Mission

Children do get cancer and we focus on the NOW

We focus on the NOW by supporting the family with regular art sessions for the child and their care circle.

Our mission is about empowerment, encouragement and creating memorable experiences because sometimes the art does stay longer than the child.



Good Grief host Cheryl Jones interviews Purvi Shah in an episode titled Art for Amaey. They discuss how Purvi Shah's son Amaey was sick for six years, ultimately passing away at the age of 9. She searched for ways to cheer, comfort and sooth him (and herself) and found, in the arts, just what they both needed. Along the way, she founded Kids & Art Foundation, matching artists with families facing just what her family was facing. Since his death, the foundation has continued to grow, offering a place for families facing the illness and sometimes the death of a child from cancer a place to express their deepest experiences.

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