Empathy is Priceless

Empathy is Priceless

Empathy is a priceless spiritual commodity, and Kids & Art is an empathy generator.  The foundation's promise is to create an empathetic environment of caring and support while giving children battling cancer a chance to create an imaginative alternative to the difficult road their life experience has become.
Kids & Art gives artists a chance to express and strengthen their ability to empathize by providing a community where kids, with the artist's participation, are able to create a fun imagined world. You will see one little boy's enjoyment and pride in accomplishment in the photos below.

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The Healing and Transformative Power of the Creative Arts

The Healing and Transformative Power of the Creative Arts

I was delighted to be asked to write a blog post for Kids & Art. At the San Mateo County Arts Commission, we believe strongly that the arts can play a powerful role in improving outcomes for physical, mental and community health. Kids & Art’s unique programs that serve children with cancer, along with siblings and care circle, in the hospital and in the community, and use the creative arts to empower, encourage and create memorable experiences for children and their families have been lauded by grant reviewers and Commissioners alike.

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An Art Extravaganza at Googleplex

Kids & Art’s latest Destination Workshop with Google had participants and volunteers arriving at Googleplex, the corporate headquarters of Google Inc. for a day of artistic enjoyment. The workshop, which took place on May 7th, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM, was the latest of what has become an annual event for Kids & Art.

Participants had many activity options, consisting of augmented reality, virtual reality, artist stations, and the Google Doodle. The augmented reality and virtual reality stations would not have been possible without the help of Google! Both augmented and virtual reality essentially change the way we experience reality with the help of unique, goggle-like headsets designed to do just that. Virtual reality headsets are also available in the Kids & Art online store.

2017-05-07 Art Workshop at Google 356.JPG

There were many artist stations at the workshop, allowing participants to try a variety of things in the two and a half hour time span. The artist stations included, but were not limited to, jewelry making, print making, and paper dyeing. Many artists arrived early to help set up, and stayed late to clean up, all the while showing great enthusiasm, and their infectious attitudes made the experience even better for the workshop’s participants. People were able to go to the stations that they were interested in, dive into an entirely new realm of art, and take their complete works home with them.

The Google Doodle station was stocked with plain white paper with faint outlines of the Google logo, inspiration books containing plenty of Google Doodles from 2015, and all kinds of pencils, erasers, papers, markers, color pencils, etc. Children and adults, participants and volunteers alike worked at this station. Many hung up their finished works for all to admire, while others took their pieces home with them. Kids & Art hopes to enter the works that were hung up into the next Doodle 4 Google contest, in which kids from all over the world design a Google logo pertaining to a given theme.

As families left the workshop, returning participants who had been at the last destination workshop, the Crucible workshop, were able to pick up their ceramic pieces from the previous event. Families had a fantastic time, smiling and laughing as they walked out of Googleplex.

Kids & Art would like to thank Google and all of the Google volunteers who contributed immensely to this workshop. It would not have been possible without all of them!

Google Workshop May 7

We are very excited that Google will be our Destination Workshop Partner for the month of May! We are looking forward to bringing our art expo style workshop for our pediatric cancer families.

Our workshops are open to families who have a child, sibling, best friend, a parent, or grandparent suffering from cancer. Cancer affects the entire family and our goal is to be there for the children when they need it the most.

When: Sunday May 7th, 2 to 4:30pm

Where: Google - Bldg CL3, 1300 Crittenden Ln, Mountain View, CA 94043

We are still finalizing all the details but we can say for sure that this is going to be a fun STEAM inspired workshop with few art stations from-

  • Google Virtual Reality
  • Google Augmented Reality
  • Google Doodle (TBD)
  • Jewelry Making
  • Surrealist Collages
  • Gelli Printing
  • Mixed Media Card Making
  • Mosaic on Canvas Boards
  • Dyeing Paper Project
  • We will add more details as we confirm our artists and art stations.

Please sign-up and share this link with families who can benefit from this workshop. Families can take all the art they create back home with them or give it to a loved one and bring a smile on their faces.

This workshop will be a lot of fun and will fill up fast so please click below to sign-up.

Eventbrite - Kids & Art Workshop at Google