Empowering kids through art

Jade participated in our Kids & Art workshop hosted at Pixar's Art Studio in December 2013. She has shared her experience on her blog Herb and Lace

Here is an excerpt-

In the Bay Area, I came across an event hosted by Kids & Art through social media where a friend and talented poet, Silvi Alcivar was taking part. I got the chance to attend the following event with the theme of Wearable Art with local artists Diana Krupka (I became fascinated by needle felting), Artist Mary Claire and Shiraaz with acrylic paint, Patty Owyang creating Andy Warhol inspired block prints with footwear as inspiration :), Mary Claire Desoto creating beautiful canvas art, and Sonoko Konishi creating felt hats! All of this artistic goodness in the atmosphere of Pixar. Pure magic. I was hoping to bring my niece but my true “kidult” self was revealed..

So I guess I should also mention that most of the children that participate have been touched by cancer, either themselves, a sibling, or friend. But in hindsight, if I did not know this, I would not have guessed or been able to tell. Kids are kids. And what I find is that when kids are faced with disease (whether themselves or someone close to them), they become very mature. I was given a thorough explanation of how the “business” of Rainbow Looms works, a conversation sharing a meaningful quote on a beautiful painting by Shayaan, and in the corner a child was getting excited to see his Pikachu hat complete, where he was involved through the design process... read more