Art Workshop at Google

On Sunday, March 2nd from 2-4pm Google's Maxwell room and the adjoining cafe were transformed into a magical art world.

We had about 152 participants from Kids & Art, 33 participants from Google, and 4 photographers from iClickforacause. We went in with 16 art stations each catering to different age group and art mediums.

We had some amazing artists in charge of these stations. Here is more info on some of them-

Roque Ballesteros from Ghostbot

Kenn Navarro

Belinda Chlouber

Tiffany Birch

Shiraaz Bhabha

Patty Owyang

Rinat Goren

Lynda Pervar

Davina Moussa

Faye Sahai

Neta Levi

Rajee Shah

Kris Toscanini from Ghostbot

Tanya Momi

Cristina Mancin