Kids & Art at Google

One could not help but feel the electrifying air charged with positive creative energy as nearly 100 kids got together with over 20 local artists last Sunday in Mountain View, at one of the coolest Silicon companies known world over – yes, of all places at … let the drum roll – GOOGLE!

Kids were bright eyed and eager to make the rounds at all the art tables which were filled with fun art projects. Kids embraced the opportunity to let their creative juices flow as they were provided with loving and caring guidance from local artists and teachers at each of the 11 stations.

Google’s creative air and their hospitality provided the fun and nurturing space where kids got to spend the Sunday afternoon engrossed in producing their creations. The venue provided a sense of community and warm support for kids, many of them undergoing cancer treatments or affected by cancer in some way. There they were, to find joy in just being a regular kid again, to forget the challenges and the daily struggles that goes along with medical issues they are burdened with so early in their lives.


Studies have shown that there is remarkable relief through art therapy and Purvi Shah, founder of Kids and Art knows that from firsthand experience. Kids & Art, a non-profit service on a mission to provide an avenue to explore the artist in each child. The creative expression is therapeutic and consequently, empowering. There were lots of laughter and smiles, as participants found a way to cope and find relief through the creative medium of artistic expression. Many proudly displayed their artwork as they posed for the camera.


Kids & Art extends their deepest gratitude to Archi Sarkar Goyal and Vineet Gupta of Google and Google volunteers and all the artists who made it happen for the kids. Thanks to Google and all the volunteers, the kids and their families found camaraderie, inspirations and hope. The hands-on workshop reinforced and comforted the kids as they found out that they are not alone and even at most trying times, creativity and imagination provides relief and healing.

What could be more reassuring than to find others like them and then to find that there’s so much love and support.

Kids and their families donates some of the creations from this workshop to be auctioned later at a special Auction Gala to raise funds that will go back to the program and to other cancer charities.

Reported by K. Tsuyama,