Ten reasons to bring a friend to le Cirque de la Vie Auction -- Make that 11

Do you love the 'listicle?' You may not know the term, but you would know one if you saw one. It's what they call those online posts that list out the 3 reasons to do this and the 7 ways to do that. All you listicle lovers: here is the 'Big Top' 10 Reasons to bring a Friend to Le Cirque de la Vie Auction Soirée.' Actually, the list is a little longer than 10. It's actually gotten up to 11 reasons now. We're still going to call it The Big Top 10, though because you just don't hear people say Top 11 and we had a hard time stopping at 10. And, 'Big Top' kind of goes with that circus theme, doesn't it? So, here's a preview of the top 10, make that 11 reasons to bring a friend to Le Cirque de la Vie Auction Soirée. It's a preview of what we have in store for you--and your plus one.

The top 10, no, make that 11 reasons you'll enjoy coming to Le Cirque de la Vie Auction Soirée -- with a friend

  1. Groove to Bay Area Performer, Master Blaster G, the SF Trumpet Kid and singer Katherine Park.
  2. See people get pranked by Olive the Clown from The Medical Clown Project and awed by stage performances and acts from The Circus Center and have fun mixing it up with wandering acrobats, ladies in top hats and a fledgling unicyclist.
  3. See a TV personality outside the box: You'll get a chance to see Kristen Sze, ABC7 News Anchor live and in person. She's our Special Guest Emcee.
  4. We're doubling your donation! You're doubling up! We're doubling up! Matching Partners Sheri Sobrato Brisson and Eric Brisson will match up to $20,000 of our evening's proceeds and knowing all proceeds benefit our 2015-16 workshops and programs.
  5. Knowing you're supporting our children by bidding on the art they have donated to the auction. Witnessing the generosity of these children dealing with cancer making a difference. You'll be helping to complete the circle of giving that makes us who we are.
  6. Bidding on art donated by artists who work with our children and walking up to some of them and saying "Why, hello!" Where did you get that hors d'oeuvre?" Then, going and getting two and giving them one!
  7. Wine (thank you Draeger's), Harvey's donuts, Fabula Tea, auction blend, Nothing Bundt Cakes, more chocolate and bite-sized hors d'oeuvres. Silent auction packages from Ghirardelli Chocolate, Dandelion Chocolate, and Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Be sure to brush your teeth when you get home!
  8. It's your chance to bid on one of a kind auction items, including tour, spa and sport packages, and many other treats you'll want to take home or give (to your friend) or keep (for yourself) or you get half of what is in a basket and they get half.
  9. You want to bring a friend because you'll have someone to share the experience with. Also, if you plan to bid on art for the home you share together, you can both be in on the decision. Bring a friend because friends, we have learned, especially friends like our supporters can really make all the difference.
  10. You can ride there together on a unicycle. Wait, that won't work. Maybe a bicycle. Or maybe Uber. Then, you can talk about the time you went to Le Cirque Auction and helped Kids & Art families. And you can tell other friends and they'll wish they had come, too. Because they'll see how good you feel about doing something kind and good.
  11. We need you (and your friend), and our kids need some normal things in their lives like making art and making friends. Your support will help. Here's what some of our friends have said: http://greatnonprofits.org/org/kids-art-foundation