MasterBlaster G, the SF Trumpet Kid says yes to life and to performing at Kids & Art's cirque Soirée

Kids & Art is thrilled to have MasterBlasterG take the stage in support of Kids & Art. We salute his positivity and are moved by his willingness to share his talent with us as a gift to the families who are part of our community. He has a phenomenal act, and we're so happy to have him participate in Le Cirque de la Vie Auction Soirée on Saturday, September 19 from 4:00 - 7:00 at the Palo Alto Art Center.

Who is MasterBlaster G?

Here is his official story:

As a 16 year old entertainer, "Gabriel Angelo MasterBlasterG" seeks to bring healing to the world through the arts. Starting with drums at five, his musical talent blossomed at the Shiloh Conservatory, founded by Marion Overall. When it came time to take piano lessons at six, the orcheastra director took him to the music room instead of the piano. Gabriel fell in love with the shiny brass instrument, making the trumpet one of his life's passions.

Always having the desire to perform for an audience with more frequency than his recitals, he found a niche in San Francisco's welcoming arts culture and ultimately developed his public career there, starting with his first public outdoor performance the day before his tenth birthday. The San Francisco community, as well as a national and international one, have provided a great deal of encouragement for his continued development. While the old standards, like Moonriver have been his focus, he enjoys performing modern hits as well.

A painful breakup gave him the inspiration to sing, serving as his personal therapy. With vocals added to his repertoire, Gabriel has found a new level of passion in his career, striving to encourage others in the pursuit of true love, in every area of life.

Gabriel resides in Berkeley, CA. He finds his greatest passion in seeing people, educated and rehabilitated, mentally and physically.

He is currently working on his own album to be realeased by the end of this year as well as a feature film set in the 1920s that deals with the painful effects of gangster control.

Le Cirque is Open!


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