Tiffany Birch: Painting as an investment in your soul

As Author of the Month for October, we asked Tiffany Birch to comment on her involvement with Kids & Art. Here is what she had to say:

I am a painter, and my heart is the brush when it comes to painting with children. My involvement with Kids & Art began some time ago by chance. I had never painted with kids, and yet there are no words to express the joy it brings me.

IMG_0240 (1).JPG

Yet, when I think about it, I am “my shoe size” in the way I explore life. That can be a blessing or a headache.

I find that children who are struggling to live have no filters because being in the present is all they have.

My paintings have a life of their own, never knowing how they are to be expressed on the canvas. When I am working with children, I usually ask them to paint “what an ice cream cone taste like.” And, they get it.


There is no out-thinking illness, though we can change our relationship to it, as I was forced to do upon learning I had breast cancer. I am fine now, though the experience deepened my reverence for life.

One of my precious students, Amaey wrote “If People Were Buildings….” And, for me, perhaps, it is "If People Were Paintings" what would we see.

Art is of the heart and touches us all. In that respect, so does illness touch everyone of us. Those who have it and those encircled by it.

Kids & Art is a landing pad for families and their children.

Kids & Art launches my soul into another dimension.

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