Clay By The Bay, January 21

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Clay by the Bay is a unique Clay School and studio space in San Francisco! They offer creative, hands on workshops, team building events and ongoing classes and studio space to members. For professional artists and budding enthusiasts! We are very excited to start our 2018 workshop season at Clay by the Bay!

When: Sunday, January 21st from 3 pm-5 pm.

Capacity: 30 kids/teens total

Workshops (by age range):

(5-8 year olds) Learn how to create a one of a kind coil pot, working hands on with an instructor.

(9-12) An introduction to hand built pottery, using a slab of clay. This method affords an artist to create unique shapes and forms, not possible with a potters wheel.

(12 and up) An introduction to wheel thrown pottery, follow along with your instructor as you learn to create pottery on the wheel!

Six volunteers are needed to help with clean up and set up at the beginning and clean up at the end. They may also need to help the children follow along during the workshop. (volunteers have to come an hour before the workshop time)

Two photographers are needed. There will be three groups working simultaneously and it would be great to have two photographers float between.

NOTE FROM OUR HOSPITAL CHILD LIFE: If your child is in active treatment please do consult with your team. We will be working with natural clay. All neutropenic patients please get it cleared by your doctors before participating in the workshop.

workshop Signup

Eventbrite - Kids & Art Workshop at Clay By The Bay

workshop Location

1618 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, CA 94109


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