Rinat Goren - 10 Artists 10th Anniversary

Our 10 Artists for our 10th Anniversary celebration comes to an end with this feature! Over the past 10 months we have featured 10 of our 'amaeyzing' Kids & Art artists who have been with us on our journey from 2008 to now.

Each of the 10 artists have been given one word on which they will create a piece of art. These 10 pieces will be displayed together at our December 1 event and will encompass the mission of Kids & Art. We thank these artists for taking part and inspiring us with their artwork and insightful words.

For November please meet artist Rinat Goren.


1. Name, website
Rinat Goren - https://www.rinatgoren.com/

2. What inspired you to begin your journey as an artist?
As a child, I was always creating something, mostly embroidery and crafts. However, I never saw myself as an artist until much later in life. It was a call that nagged at me constantly with once in a while a burst of creativity but no commitment until I finally I listened. It was my husband’s request for help decorating his start up company. I decided to make the art myself and I got sucked into it in an overwhelming way- for about a week with non-stop paining with barely sleeping and eating. I was so happy – it was obvious that this is what I need to do.

3. What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work? What do you do
to get into your creative zone?

I still feel like a beginner so there is no motivation issues. I can’t wait to go into the studio and start working. I feel that I have enough ideas to cover my life time, twice…


4. What are you working on now?
Right now I am working on being more playful in the studio. I am trying not to worry about pretty results and instead just experiment, be curious, explore new colors and lines and have fun. It sounds easy but it is very challenging for me to let go.

5. What does your art mean to you?
My art is my way to express my values. It is a statement about what is important for me and what message do I like to send out to the world.

6. What has been the most difficult challenge as an artist and who are your biggest influences?
The most difficult challenge is to dedicate the time and to prioritize the art first. I am obligated to other projects and commitments and I would love to step back and concentrate on my art more.

My biggest influence is my husband who is a thinker, a problem-solver and an inventor who is using his mind with an amazing ability to focus and to be goal oriented.


7. What has been your favorite accomplishment as an artist?
I am very proud to have been featured at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame in 2017. However, every time someone stops and pauses for a while looking at one of my painting I feel a sense of accomplishment.

8. What advice would you give to someone starting out as an artist?
Spend as much time in the studio as you can. Be dedicated to your artistic needs.

9. If you could live in a different artistic period, which one would you chose?
Just for a short time I would choose The Renaissance: A time period where the focus shifted towards the individual and the use of reason was celebrated. In that period, art was created for people’s enjoyment. Proportions were to the scale of a person, lines were simpler and clean. However- I feel so lucky to be here and now- I would not change that!

10. Do you have a favorite art gallery? Do you have a favorite color? And why?
I don’t have a favorite art gallery. There are so many unique galleries in the area and in places like New York, Santa Fe, Los Angeles and more. I am in a long journey to look for a gallery partnership – a mission that I did not accomplish yet.

As for colors- if you look at my art you will know that my favorite colors are warm reds and oranges. But as I allow myself to play and explore, I add more cool colors to my palate, which is refreshing.


I feel that i have enough ideas to cover my lifetime, twice…

I believe art has the power to heal because…


Spend as much time in the studio as you can. Be dedicated to your artistic needs.


My art is my way to express my values. It is a statement about what is important for me and what message do I like to send out to the world.

About the artist:


Rinat Goren admiration for people who use their mind is delivered through her abstract and her figure paintings. Rinat was born and raised in Israel where she was always observing and creating art. But only after graduating collage, moving to California and raising a family, Rinat felt the urge to further explore art. She then decided to dedicate her time to a new path as an artist.

The inspiration for her works comes from people-individuals- who can think. The ability to form clear thoughts, make decisions, make choices and act accordingly is a unique attribute to human beings. Rinat’s work encourages us all to use this quality.

About the encaustic medium: Encaustic is the use of beeswax and pigment as a medium. The beeswax is first melted and then applied in layers to a surface. Heat source is used to fuse the layers together into a cohesive piece. Goren is often embedding paper cuttings between the layers of wax, making her art pieces into collages.

Kids & Art Foundation is thankful to have a vast community of artists who create with us. Our artists share their passion for art and their commitment to make the world a better place. Without them we cannot heal pediatric cancer through art.

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