Fashion week in Burlingame

Fashion week in Paris seemed a good time for Kids & Art to hold the second of its upcycled clothing craft sessions. This is the first season Purvi has explored this territory with the help of two local designers: Jill Pilot of Ricochet, in San Mateo and Neysa Young, a designer who teaches at California College of Art in Oakland. In September, a fashion show is planned to showcase the work. 

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Launch of our Fashion Workshop Series

On February 28th, we had our very first fashion-inspired "wearable art" workshop working with Jill Pillot, Founder-Designer-Teacher of Ricochet Wearable Art located in San Mateo. With about 8 projects going on, the work table was comfortably packed. Taya, (undergoing treatment at LPCH) brought Chiara, one of her best friends, together they go through their collected fabric pieces from the corner trunk full of donated fabric materials from the local community.

"I call it the fabric tresure chest!," Taya says as she shares a dance shaking her boots, but making sure the money tucked inside doesn't fall out.

She notices my surprised glance and shares another fashion insight.

"We don't carry wallets. That's what boots are for!"

Came prepared with her fashion sketchbook, I am not surprised to see the creativity fuels overflowing as she flips through.

Across the table, we have Arjun (currently in high school) repurposing his intricate, traditional Kurta with a modern twist. We have Sameer who plans to design pieces for his stuffed toys, creating mini garments. And we have young Nina and Karissa excited to find the dog prints. Wonderful samples of painted silk are laid across the work table and kids are able to find some funky combinations with multi-colored buttons.

Not only was this the 1st to launch in the fashion series of workshops, in hopes to conclude with a grand catwalk extravaganza at our gala — we got to celebrate close to Ricochet Wearable Art's 19th year anniversary! With special guests from the ABC7 Bay Area News Team, our kids and families got to get a sense of being behind the scenes making a definite memorable experience, all in part of our mission!

Starting the segment with morning news anchor, Kristen Sze - together with Purvi, they rehearse.

"It's beyond any diagnosis... It's finding creative ways to heal."

The kids mumble. "We're on TV!" "Don't look at the camera" all while they got to create, create, create - sewing machines in full motion. Even Kristen's daughter got the chance to take part in our workshop and created a very cute top with our Kids & Art fashion volunteer, Kanjana - currently developing her children's clothing line.

As the team announce "That's a wrap!", our kids walk down the imaginary catwalk with their finished pieces all while browsing the boutique (Ricochet kindly offered gift certificates to our kids to find any pieces to complement their look!)

Purvi has to head off to the next Kids & Art event (a local music fundraiser) but comes back looking for her green jacket. Where could it be? Lo and behold, it has joined the fabric treasure chest. :)