Ginger Slonaker - 10 Artists 10th Anniversary

We are excited to announce that to mark our 10th Anniversary, over the next 10 months our newsletter will feature 10 of our 'amaeyzing' Kids & Art artists who have been with us on our journey from 2008 to now.

We will feature one artist each month. Each artist will answer the same 10 questions, share some images of their art, and post a short video completing the sentence, “I believe art has the power to heal because………” We can't wait to find out how each artist will complete this sentence!

We will compile all 10 artists' stories into a small book ready for our 10th Anniversary gala in San Francisco on December 1, 2018. Each of the 10 artists will also be given one word on which they will create a piece of art. These 10 pieces will be displayed together at our gala and will encompass the mission of Kids & Art. We thank these artists for taking part and inspiring us with their artwork and insightful words.

We asked the artist to share a piece of art from her childhood. Here is her piece called "Me and my Dog".

We asked the artist to share a piece of art from her childhood. Here is her piece called "Me and my Dog".

1. Name, website
Ginger Slonaker

2. What inspired you to begin your journey as an artist?
My mother. She was a curator at the Smithsonian Institute in DC and a mother of 3 children. Spending time with her at the museum was time I got to be alone with her. Art was a way towards my mother.

3. What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work? What do you do to get into your creative zone?
I teach children art. I go to art openings and spend time with creative friends and my family. I get into my creative zone with quietness. I find something that has a rhythmic quality like walking the dogs on the beach, sweeping the floor, doing the dishes or swimming in a pool. This pumps up creativity for me.

4. What are you working on now?
I’m working on a #MeToo campaign inspired series of paintings.

5. What does your art mean to you?
To me, art means communication and an outlet for my truth and my voice.

6.What has been the most difficult challenge as an artist and who are your biggest influences?
I believe that ‘bad artists copy and good artists steal’ and ‘there are no new ideas under the sun.’ But, it is hurtful when a piece of artwork or concept is taken or not credited to me. 
My artist influences among many are-
Hieronymus Bosch
Frida Kahlo
Francis Bacon
Livia Stein
Deborah Jacoby
Heather Wilcoxon

7. What has been your favorite accomplishment as an artist?
Giving an artists’ talk is a joy for me as an artist.

8. What advice would you give to someone starting out as an artist?
My advice would be to use your sketch book everyday and visit as many exhibits as you can.

9. If you could live in a different artistic period, which one would you chose?
I would not want any other period than now. Women’s voices are taken more seriously now. There are many different styles that are acceptable and there is an openness to the personal style that did not happen in past periods of art. Before, there was only one style of art that had to be followed.

10. Do you have a favorite art gallery? Do you have a favorite color? And why?My favorite art gallery is the Main Gallery in Redwood City. It is where I first found a sense of an art community  in the Bay Area art community. My favorite color used to be red. Now it is raspberry! It means royal, gratitude and juiciness.


To me, art means communication and an outlet for 

my truth and my voice.

I believe art has the power to heal because…



Women’s voices are taken more seriously now. There are many different styles that are acceptable and there is an openness to the personal style that did not happen in past periods of art.





Ginger Slonaker was born in the Pacific Islands, grew up in Washington, DC, spent several years in the Nether­lands, and now lives in the Bay Area. Art critics have described Slonaker's art as "whimsical yet twisted." Like a venus flytrap, the use of bright colors and surrealistic proportions in Slonaker's art initially attracts the viewer's attention; but once caught, the viewer experiences drastic changes. More serious themes of dysfunction and injustice arise, partly obfuscated by playful composition. Slonaker holds a BFA and MFA in illustration from the University of Arizona, and now spends most of her time painting in her art studio and teaching art to children. She lives with her husband and teenage daughters, not to mention two devoted dogs, and over 1,000 hardworking composting worms.

Kids & Art Foundation is thankful to have a vast community of artists who create with us. Our artists share their passion for art and their commitment to make the world a better place. Without them we cannot heal pediatric cancer through art.

If you believe in the healing power of artists then please support our artist stipends with your donations and corporate matching. All donations are 100% tax deductible and our EIN is 27-1415727

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