Every dollar that philanthropists and individuals give to organizations that are helping transform society’s attitude about ‘creating a better world’, actually helps millions of individual causes as well.
Popularizing a wish for a better world is the ONLY WAY that we can truly transform society, because only then can we address the root causes that perpetuate the current broken system.
— Robert Alan Silverstein

Children do get cancer and we focus on the NOW by supporting the family with regular art sessions for the child and their care circle. Our mission is about empowerment, encouragement and creating memorable experiences because sometimes the art stays longer than the child.

If you work at a Corporation, include us in your corporate giving program. There are several ways that you can empower us at Kids & Art, so we can keep doing what we are here to do: paint, make a mess, and make an artist out of a child regardless of the battles they're fighting in their real life. Help us create a make-believe world of beauty and lots of imagination. Sometimes, the artwork does stay longer than most of these children. We know that first hand, because our founder has walls full of beautiful art made by her son who passed away almost three years ago.

Companies like Genentech have created fundraisers for our nonprofit. We have sent them our supplies needs list and they have contributed items. We are always happy to receive whatever supplies corporations can donate. One department at Genentech decided to donate to us in lieu of a team retreat. We have also received a generous grant from CJ Berry Foundation. These gifts mean a great deal to our children, families, caregivers, and artists.

During our 2013-14 Art season we have collaborated with several companies. Below please see our presentation on information on the Kids & Art organization.


Whether we like it or not, kids do get cancer. We might not be able to take their cancer away but we can definitely be there for them through their journey. We hope you will support the cause. We team-up kids and families who have been touched by cancer with local Artists. Together they create art which is later auctioned. The proceeds from these auctions go back in the program and to other cancer charities.

If you work at a Corporation, include us in your corporate giving program. We are on Benevity and you can find us by looking for - Kids & Art Foundation - 840-271415727. Company matching can double your impact:

  • $25 covers 1 hour of escape into art, music, or mindfulness for 1 child.
  • $50 covers 1 child for 1 workshop. 
  • $100 covers the cost of an instructor for 1 workshop 
  • $500 covers art supplies for 1 workshop (up to 15 kids)

Info for Employee Corporate Matching

If your company matches your donations, here is the information you will need:

Kids & Art Mailing Address
1443 Howard Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010
Office: 650-877-2750
Tax ID: 27-1415727
Our W9: Kids and Art Foundation Tax Information

Corporate Contact 

For additional information please contact



Donate Now

Or Donate by check to: KIDS & ART FOUNDATION, 1443 Howard Ave, Burlingame CA 94010. Our EIN is 27-1415727