Sarah K



Diagnosed with ALL,October 2006

It was a Friday and we were in Napa.  The weather was really warm, over 90 degrees, and Sarah was complaining about being cold.  She was very weak and her color was terrible.  The situation over the weekend didn't get any better so on Monday morning I took her to the pediatricians.  

I remember Sarah waking up in the morning on Monday and begging me to give her medicine to take the pain away.  The doctor didn't think she looked bad but my husband and I both thought she looked gravely ill.  My husband thought she was anemic and made sure that I requested a blood test.  So right after the dr. appt I went next door and got her labs taken around 11am.  At 5pm that night the pediatrican calls me and gives me the results of the blood test.  The doctor was grateful that we requested the blood test because all the signs were that she had leukemia.  The doctor told us to rush to Stanford ER right away and that they were waiting for us.  

She was admitted that night on Monday, had her bone marrow aspirate on Tuesday, had her port put in on Wednesday, and Thursday was first day of chemo.  Overnight our life had completely changed.  In looking back she had exhibited symptoms that I thought was normal part of growing up.  She was complaining about stomach aches, she had a little limp several months prior to being diagnosed, whenever I would pick her up she would complain that the back of her neck hurt.  

So many little things.  It wasn't until she finally got sick with a fever that we found out.