A company is as good as it’s leadership. Passion, compassion, and the will to make a difference is high on the priorities of all our team members. The reason we have all gotten together is because we want to make a difference. We want to walk with these children and families while they are going through their hardships. We want to brighten their hearts with art, color and imagination. Kids get diagnosed with cancer whether we like it or not. Each day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer; an average of 6 die every day.

We are here for the kids, families, and their carecircle during their treatment. Our art workshops, our artists and our volunteers are dedicated to celebrating our Kids & Art families and helping them heal through the arts.

Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions about Kids & Art.



Suzanne Yau joined Kids & Art as Executive Director in June 2018. Prior to becoming a part of the Kids & Art team, Suzanne led the Art Therapy Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, San Francisco. In her clinical work as a registered, board-certified art therapist, Suzanne witnessed firsthand the power and healing impact of art engagement on pediatric patients and families. As Executive Director of Kids & Art, Suzanne will continue to advocate for the integration of art into treatment plans for pediatric patients facing cancer and their care circles. She can be reached at suzanne@kidsandart.org.

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Rachel Handsman is a Program Manager at Kids & Art. She oversees the workshops that are held at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, acting as a liaison between volunteer artists, the hospital staff and Kids & Art. Rachel has a degree in Child Study from Tufts University and spent several years teaching preschool and early school aged children. While running the art docent program at an elementary school in Seattle, Rachel helped to develop fine arts curriculum and learned how much she enjoys helping children make new discoveries. For Rachel, our hospital workshops serve as a breath of fresh air in which patients and their care circles can sit down and take a minute to just relax and create. She can be reached at rachel@kidsandart.org.


Celina Paul is a Program Manager at Kids & Art for UCSF Benioff Hospital. She serves as a liaison between program volunteers and the communities we support. Celina has worked in event planning and art programs throughout the state. As an active painting and printmaking artist, Celina exemplifies her commitment to building healthy communities. She is constantly inspired and humbled by the beautiful interactions and moments facilitated by each workshop. She can be reached at celina@kidsandart.org.


Caroline Robins organizes special projects for Kids & Art. She also serves as workshop manager at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. She has worked in children’s art education for many years and has witnessed first hand the healing power of art. She feels honored to be part of this incredible organization which makes such a difference to kids and their families who have been touched by cancer. Caroline is also a member of San Francisco Women Artists and earned her BA (Honors) at Chelsea School of Art in London. She can be reached at caroline@kidsandart.org.

Core Volunteers


Kiran Chadha serves as the Workshop Coordinator for Kids & Art. She joined the Kids & Art team after seeing the joy on her son’s face during the workshops the family attended. Kids & Art gives Kiran an opportunity to give back, and specifically to help kids with cancer enjoy the present moment. Her talents and experience in program management are put to use managing the logistics of our monthly destination workshops. She can be reached at workshops@kidsandart.org.


Dawn Lindhardt is an Occupational Therapist, artist, and mother of a pediatric cancer survivor. She is currently working on her clinical doctorate with a focus on bringing improved Occupational Therapy services to pediatric oncology patients. Dawn, along with Kids & Art, is working to create an assessment and corresponding program that would make use of art programs as part of the standard of care for pediatric cancer patients in the inpatient and out patient setting. She can be reached at dawn@kidsandart.org.


Helen Cole Lew combines her love of being a teacher and an artist in her role as Programs Volunteer for Kids & Art. The strength and courage of the children and families she met during her first workshop in 2009 profoundly touched her. This experience remains an integral reason for her involvement. Helen takes the lead in many of our collaborative paintings, collage works, and in keeping our art supplies storage up-to-date and sanitized.



Tom Pushpathadam manages Kids & Art’s technology from Los Angeles. He oversees site updates and the integration of software tools and services. His focus is on technology that supports a great experience for workshop participants while generating the data needed for effective fundraising and outreach efforts. Tom is always on the lookout for new partners that will help our small team achieve big results.


Katherine Relf-Canas works on researching and writing grants for us. She has a background in corporate communications, freelance writing and Web publishing. In 2008, she launched a workshop company called Serentripity to provide cultural immersion travel experiences. Covering Kids & Art for her blog on the healing power of art led her to volunteering with us, and she is very honored to be involved with our work.

We would like to thank our tireless volunteers- Shiraz Bhabha, Barb Boschetto, Jeff Cleary, Kala Jarugumilli, Joy Johnson, Eileen Moore, Davina Moussa, Ezra Moussa, Patty Owyang, Caroline Robbins, Hannah Stahulak, Sunil Shah, and Purvi Shah.