Arjun S



Amaey's brother, lego masterbuilder, on demand entertainer. 

9 year old Arjun once said to me, If someone has been through so much early on in life does that mean life will be easy as they grow-up? That sums up Arjun’s love for his brother. 

We have a code word for the time when Amaey is on his Chemo week-- ” 5 day challenge”. The day before I take Amaey for his vincristine I inform the entire family that the 5 day challenge is here. On most occasions, Arjun becomes the joker, Charlie Chaplin, Tom or Jerry, whatever brings more laughs. Of course there are times when he finds the 5 days very unfair. 

If I get upset at Amaey for constantly whining and being emotional, Arjun looks at me and says, “breathe ma, breathe”.