Will T



Twin brother of Paige

Will T. is a curious, energetic six year old who loves baseball, Legos and Star Wars.  He wants to be an astronaut and an inventor when he grows up.

Will’s twin sister Paige was diagnosed with leukemia when they were four years old.  Will has learned that it can be very challenging to have a twin sister diagnosed with cancer.   He has to accompany Paige on LANY visits to the doctor.  Paige often feels too tired, ill or cranky to play.  However, he learned that a SpongeBob impersonation or a knock knock joke can usually get her to laugh even when she isn’t feeling well.

Will is as comfortable with the doctors, nurses and child life specialists at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital as Paige is.  He can’t wait for the family party that is planned when Paige finally completes her treatment in the fall.