Our free arts workshops for pediatric cancer families are growing!

Kids & Art holds free art workshops at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital for pediatric cancer families once a week in the Oncology Clinic Ron Conway Family Gateway Medical Building 1825 Fourth St., Sixth Floor San Francisco, CA 94158. These workshops provide a moment of peace, joy or calm for participants in an often stressful environment through the creation of art. Workshops are Wednesdays at 10:30am.

Volunteer Signups for workshops

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Volunteer Signups (18+ Years) Weekly art workshop in the oncology clinic waiting room. Please check the sign-up genius link for more details.

Art workshops at the hospitals are run by one Lead Artist and two or more art assistants. K&A holds a volunteer orientation each year. Before working with the children, new volunteers undergo a background check, and undergo a thorough vetting by the Program Managers so they are well prepared for the workshops.


Volunteer Roles

Lead Artist

Lead Artist designs and leads the project at a workshop. These projects should be engaging, and we often plan them to be meditative or to draw one in, but not cumbersome.

The Lead Artist is required to check in with the Program Manager several weeks in advance, who will order the project materials at that time as well.

The Lead artist also prepares samples of the project to use at the workshop so that the different stations all have an example to work with. These can be photographs or actual created art works to model the project.

Art Assistants

Artist Assistants help the lead artist work with participants. They are at the heart of what we do at Kids & Art. What we need from those who participate is a dedicated and lighthearted attitude and ability to adapt and follow the example of the Lead Artist and Workshop Manager.


This type of workshop is very different from a children's art class. We have a wide age range of children and adult participants. Sometimes we have 10 minutes or sometimes the full hour and a half with the participants.

There are additional challenges of working in a Hospital Waiting Room such as:

  • Small space to work in
  • No loud noises allowed
  • No art sinks with running water
  • Materials need to be sterile and non toxic

The Program Manager has a great sense for what works and what doesn’t, so please reach out and start a discussion. These are always fun, and the preparation only seems daunting until you get the feel for it.

For these reasons, we need the Lead artist to try volunteering as an Artist Assistant at the Hospital of choice BEFORE signing up to Lead. It is really helpful to know the space and the requirements for each hospital.

Outpatient Hospital Workshop FAQs

I have high school aged children, is it ok to bring them with me to the hospital workshops so they can earn volunteer credits?

Only adults aged 18 and older can volunteer in the hospital setting. Kids & Art does hold monthly destination workshops on Sunday afternoons at different art locations around the Bay Area and teens are allowed to volunteer at those. Here is a link that will get your teen started on the process of becoming a Kids & Art volunteer:

What is the dress code at the hospital workshops?

Please come professionally dressed or in conservative street clothes (no jeans) to represent Kids & Art. Do not wear any perfumes or scented lotions. Artificial nails are not allowed (no acrylics, tips, tapes, gels, wraps or nail piercing of any kind). No open toed sandals. You will be given a Kids & Art t-shirt to wear during the workshop.

I really hit it off with one of the patients that I worked with, is it ok to give out my personal contact information?

It is not permitted to give out personal information to the patients or their families. Confidentiality laws prohibit the exchange of information in the hospital setting.

Can I bring food or drinks with me to the hospital workshops?

Food and drink are prohibited during volunteer hours. Once volunteer hours are over, you are welcome to make use of the hospital cafeterias.

I really want to show people how amazing this experience is, can I take photos while I am at the hospital workshops?

It is not permitted to take photos of patients or their caregivers. You may take pictures of the artwork; If you share any of these photos on social media, remember to tag #kidsandartorg

I had a cold over the weekend and still have a scratchy throat, is it still ok to come in to volunteer at a hospital workshop?

Volunteers are not permitted to come to a workshop if they are currently ill or have been around someone who is ill. Please let the Workshop Manager know as soon as possible if you are unable to come in and a substitute volunteer will be found for that day.