K&A DAYS 2014-15


During the season, we created art and memories with our kids at wonderful destinations like Pixar Studios, Los Gatos Museum of Art, Peninsula Museum of Art, the San Jose Museum of Art, and Ricochet Wearable Art Studios. Wrapping up our 2014-15 workshop season, we held an end of season workshop at Google’s Mountain View Headquarters in June and hosted 50 children. Some numbers that reflect our expanded community and greater outreach: we had the help of 22 artists, involved 10 teen volunteers, and engaged 32 adult volunteers.

We also added some new artists to our group this season, and would like to welcome and thank them for volunteering.

Aldo Kcomt, Anh Tran, Belinda Chlouber, Brendan Murphy, Cecile Picard, Charu Clark, Davina Moussa, Dawn Richards, Elena Gold, Fabiola Addamo, Florence de Bretagne, Gregory Vasgerdsian, Guy Concepcion, Helen Cole Lew, Henry Li, Jil Coolidge, Jill Pillot, Kanjana Amato, Karol Jersak, Kent Caldwell, Lindsay DeAlba, Mary Claire DeSoto, Michael Sauls, Michelle Urmeneta, Nancy Gittlemann, Natasha Brown, Neysa Young, Patty Owyang, Paula Celzo, Philina Mui, Rajee Shah, Raquel Coelho, Rinat Goren, Roque Ballesteros, Ruby Singh, Samia Khalaf, Sarah Custer, Sherrie Friedman, Shiraaz Bhabha, Silvi Alcivar, Tanya Momi, Tiffany Birch, Wynne Leung, Yukari Lake

2014-15 Workshops